When you make the decision to have someone clean your house, you’re putting your faith in them to do it right. Most professional house cleaning services have a satisfaction guarantee that means they will come back and address any areas they accidentally missed if you contact them within a day of the service. Companies that guarantee your satisfaction take pride in and stand by their work, and they don’t want any unhappy customers.

Be sure to ask your cleaning service up front how they handle customer satisfaction. Most likely they’ll tell you that they will re-clean your home free of charge or give you your money back if you are not satisfied. Professional cleaning companies should be open to your suggestions and feedback and be able to provide you with a satisfaction guarantee in case you’re unhappy with a particular service. You should be able to openly communicate with them by email or phone to ensure that their cleaning meets your expectations.

When they have a satisfaction guarantee for their work, your cleaning service will strive to do an excellent job every single time they come to your home. It’s in their best interests not to ever have to come back and re-do work, so you’ll get top notch cleaning service from the beginning to end.

If something does go wrong, don’t be afraid to speak up and let your service know that you’re not happy. It doesn’t have to be confrontational—keep calm and describe the situation to your cleaner and let them know that the cleaning did not meet your expectations. You can tell them that you know they usually do a great job and that something must have happened that day, and that you’d appreciate their coming back to fix the issue at their earliest convenience.

We hope this helps to dispel any anxiety you might have about having to raise an issue with your cleaning service. At the end of the day, both you and your cleaner want the same thing—a clean home and you to be a happy customer.