Who furnishes the equipment and cleaning supplies?

When you’re looking to hire a cleaning service to clean your home, one of the things you need to decide is whether you’ll provide the cleaning products, supplies, and equipment that you want the cleaners to use or whether you’ll ask them to bring and use their own. Some cleaning services may insist on using their own products since they are more familiar with their own tools, but if you provide supplies you may be able to negotiate a discount on the cleaning fee.

When cleaning service provides equipment and supplies

In most cases, professional residential cleaning companies will provide their own cleaning products and equipment when cleaning your home. This is because their cleaners are trained in the safe use of their own supplies and equipment, and they know that they’ll have everything they require to clean your home properly. Some customers may have less-than-ideal cleaning supplies which may cause their cleaning crew to spend more time than necessary getting their home sparkling clean. When professional cleaning companies bring their own equipment, they are assured that the products are safe for their employees to use.

Some people prefer to have their cleaning service bring its own equipment because then they don’t need to purchase, maintain, and store their own cleaning supplies and equipment. Perhaps there’s not a lot of extra room in a tiny apartment to store a large vacuum, so it’s best for the customer when their cleaner arrives with one in tow.

When you provide the cleaning equipment and supplies

If you’re unsure about whether your cleaners will use green or eco-friendly products, you may prefer that they use the cleaning products that you provide. Be sure that you have everything on hand that they might need; it’s a good idea to ask for a complete list of what your service needs before they show up to clean. That way, they’re not trying to cobble together a complete set of cleaning supplies based on whatever is underneath your kitchen sink. It would be a waste of a cleaning session if they arrived to find that you are out of glass cleaner or were running low on clean microfiber cloths. Also, some people prefer using their own supplies and equipment because they’re concerned about the cleaning service bringing in germs from other homes.

There may be a perfect compromise that you can reach with your cleaning company where you provide the cleaning products that you’re most comfortable with and they provide the actual equipment and tools that they know will get the job done efficiently (like vacuums, mops, etc.). The best way to find out is simply to ask when you have your initial conversation with your cleaning service: “What supplies and tools do you bring and what do you need me to provide?”