cleaning hacks

A clean home can improve your family’s mental and physical well-being. But how do you keep it clean when everyone’s busy? Develop cleaning habits. If you want to learn more about how to maintain a clean house, keep reading. In this guide, you’ll learn some helpful cleaning hacks to finish the job promptly.

You might even prefer to hire professional house cleaners during a busy season. Ready to learn how to transform your chaotic and messy home? Keep reading the tips below.

1. You Will Need to Clean High-Traffic Areas

Where are the high-traffic areas in your home? You’ll want to clean these areas more frequently.

Look at tackling the doormat near your entryway. These doormats trap dirt, and people trek the dirt in and outside the house.

Clean these doormats more often in the winter. People track dirt or salt from their snowy boots.

2. Try Combining Cleaning Tasks

You should aim to complete similar cleaning tasks simultaneously. For example, you can clean the baseboards in your home when you wash or vacuum the floors.

When you tackle your windows, look at cleaning the blinds. This will ensure you get a thorough cleaning done.

Look at the room and see what things you can complete together.

3. Swap Out the Bucket

Use a microfiber mop to clean the floors. Moving your mop bucket around can slap dirty water all over your cleaned floors.

You can try a bucket-less technique instead. Fill up a spray bottle with your cleaning solution.

4. Do You Have Enough Cleaning Products?

Don’t make the mistake of using the same cleaner for every task. You’re not going to use your window cleaner on the tiles.

You should spend time buying the right cleaning products for particular tasks. This way, you can complete your assignments on time and without issue.

5. Look at Buying a Soap Dispenser Dish Brush

Do you notice the scum build-up in your shower? You can easily remove this grime by using a soap dispenser dish brush in the shower.

Find one for the bathroom and use that one there. Fill it up with your favorite cleaner. You can hang this brush in your shower.

While showering, you can easily scrub it super quick. Dish soap can work well in bathrooms.

6. How Do You Vacuum?

There’s a certain way to vacuum that’s more efficient. Try vacuuming horizontally and then vertically. This will ensure you get all the trapped dirt on the floor.

Most experts suggest vacuuming slowly to get all the dirt particles. Invest in a longer extension for your vacuum for hard-to-reach areas.

7. Establish Your Home’s Cleaning Plan

Most homeowners will get a random burst of energy and start cleaning their homes. Yet, it’s helpful to make a plan beforehand. This will make the cleaning process go a lot smoother.

Start in the high areas, and move your way down. Look for any spaces like cabinets near the stove that need extra scrubbing. Wipe down the door frames, light switches, baseboards, and walls.

Look at setting up a schedule for deep cleaning projects and refer to it often. You’ll want to stick to a consistent plan.

8. You Can Use Your Dishwasher for Ornaments

Dishwashers will work to wash dishes and clean dust away from knick-knacks in your home. You can put glass or ceramics in your dishwasher. Don’t put meltable plastic items in there.

Has your dishwasher started to smell? Pour in white vinegar and baking soda.

9. Clean Your Toilets Every Day

Look at swishing the toilet each day. You’ll keep your toilet bowl clean and fresh. You won’t need to scrub and scrub.

Use the water in your bathroom, and swish it with the toilet brush.

Your bathroom will usually get dirty fast. Keep the bathroom clean by washing the toilet and rinsing out the sink daily.

10. You Don’t Need to Polish the Floors

Polishing your wooden furniture or hardwood floors should get done at least twice a year. But you can keep them shiny by also using a microfiber cloth.

Your furniture will become less dusty when you don’t use furniture polish.

11. Try Speed Cleaning

Do you have family coming all of a sudden? Make sure you hit visible areas like the bathroom and kitchen countertops. Knowing how to speed clean effectively can help you finish the job quickly.

Don’t worry about the top of your fridge or microwave. Focus on the essential things people notice in a home. Use an air freshener or fill your diffuser with lavender or lemongrass essential oils.

12. Are You Super Busy?

For people who have an upcoming busy season, they might look into hiring house cleaners. If you know you have an extra project at work or won’t be home much, look at hiring cleaning services.

Keep your home clean while not stressing out over trying to finish everything. We also have a few cleaning tricks for you to keep your home tidy if you have children.

Don’t Forget These Cleaning Hacks

We hope these cleaning hacks were helpful. Look at speed cleaning effectively when you have friends or family popping by for a visit. Try to clean your bathroom daily and keep your kitchen countertops clear of clutter.

If you’re entering a busy life season, hiring house cleaners might be worthwhile. Contact us today if you want a quote for cleaning services. We would love to discuss our services with you.