The average parent spends almost 24 hours cleaning per month. That’s right, when you add it all together, you’re spending almost an entire day tidying up! Keeping a clean house with kids is a challenge even for the tidiest parent.

We’re here with a few house cleaning tips that might help you reduce the amount of time that you spend trying to keep your house tidy. Read on to learn more.

Encourage Children to Help

This is one of the best things that you can do when you’re trying to keep a tidy house with children. Having kids help out will make a huge difference.

Never frame cleaning as something bad or boring. Make sure that children know that it’s important and that it doesn’t have to be a huge task if you do it every day.

Set up a chore chart for your children. Choose age-appropriate chores and make sure to break them down into easily-digestible steps. Children often struggle with complex tasks, but breaking each task into tiny sub-tasks will make it easier.

Children emulate their parents, so make sure that you aren’t forcing your children to clean when you’re not cleaning. They’ll see chores as a collaboration rather than a punishment.

If your child needs a bigger incentive, consider paying an allowance. This will also teach your children the value of a dollar!

Clean as You Go

Are you tired of having a huge mess to clean up on your day off? If you find yourself spending hours cleaning every weekend, it’s time for a change. Clean as you go (and encourage your children to do the same).

Try to fit small cleaning tasks into your day in-between other tasks and activities. For example, when you’re making dinner, why not wipe down the counter or empty the dishwasher while you’re waiting for the water to boil?

You should also try to clean up after yourself all the time (and again, encourage your children to do the same). If your child finishes playing with their blocks, encourage them to put them away immediately. If you’re cooking dinner, rinse off utensils and cooking instruments as soon as you’re done using them.

Have Plenty of Storage and Garbage Cans

If your child has to go searching for a place to put their clutter or trash, they’re just going to leave it behind. We recommend having plenty of garbage cans and storage options in every room of your home to make cleaning and tidying as easy as possible.

Put a storage ottoman in the living room. Have small trash bins in every room of the home. Make sure there’s a laundry hamper in the bathroom. The list goes on.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Let’s face it: as a busy parent, you don’t always have the time to clean. There’s nothing shameful about that. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, why not hire a professional to help you out with your dirty house?

You can hire someone to come every week or just have a professional visit every few months for a deep cleaning session. It will make your life so much easier.

Keeping a Clean House With Kids Is Tough!

It’s not easy to maintain a clean house when you have messy children running around. If your house is a mess, try these tips to keep it under control!

Are you ready to hire a professional cleaner to help you out? We want to meet you! Get a quote for cleaning services today!