Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or a dinner party, we’ve rounded up five awesome house party ideas your guests won’t be able to stop talking about. From game night to movie night, we’ll go over menus, invitations, party favors, and how to prepare your home. Let’s get this party started.

1. Dinner Party

A dinner party is one of the best ways to entertain friends or host a family gathering. To make it a little more glamorous than your average dinner, consider a few special touches. These little details will set the evening apart and make every guest feel special.

To start, kick off the night with a printed menu. You can use a chalkboard sign or print individual menus for every guest. Consider mailed invitations in the same design to let guests know about the party and build excitement. Keep with the printed theme and use individual name cards in each place setting.

Go a little formal with your place settings using chargers, dinner plates, salad plates, and all the proper utensils. Create a beautiful centerpiece to give your evening an elegant touch. Whatever menu you decide on, create a signature cocktail to complement the dinner. Use pretty themed glasses to add a little whimsey to the night.

Before you cook, cater, or even hire a chef for the evening, you’ll want to make sure your kitchen is professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning will help make sure your dinner is flawless and your home is spotless.

2. Wine and Cheese Pairing

A wine and cheese pairing is a fun, adults-only party that everyone will love. Pair your favorite cheeses with your favorite wine or champagne. You can even pair heavy appetizers with a wine or beer.

Create a pretty menu board suggesting which wines will pair best with which foods. You can create a beautiful charcuterie board with cheese, meats, grapes, nuts, jams, olives, and spreads. This presentation will wow your guests while making sure everyone is full and fed.

For dessert, you can pair dessert wines, ports, or after-dinner drinks with a sweets table. Berries and champagne are also a delicious combination that makes for a great end to a fun evening with friends.

3. Game Night

When it comes to hosting a fun night with friends or family, a game night is it. Whether it’s poker or trivia, games are a great way to keep everyone laughing and in good spirits. Choose between card games, classic board games, or even your own custom trivia.

The key to a good game night is great snacks and drinks. Create a fun menu with easy to prepare and serve food so you can have fun participating in the games.

Prep your house with professional cleaning, move your furniture to accommodate tables or screens, and create a fun atmosphere everyone will enjoy. Get some raffles going and offer prizes to the winners. You can also donate proceeds from the raffles and the game night to your favorite cause or charity.

4. Outdoor Movie Night

An outdoor movie night is a fun and whimsical way to spend time with family and friends. To start, invite your guests indoors for a meal or appetizers. Make sure your home is fully cleaned as people will need to come in and out using the restroom or grabbing more refreshments.

You can use a projector and a blow-up outdoor movie screen to give your guests the full theater experience. There are even outdoor blow-up couches you can buy or rent for the occasion. Tents, blankets, and air mattresses work great as well.

Next, consider outdoor heaters or a fire pit to keep guests warm and cozy. Remember that no movie night is complete without popcorn and snacks. Create cute little snack trays filled with snacks you’d see in a movie theater.

Set up your snack bar inside the kitchen filled with a drink station, soft pretzels, candy, and popcorn. You can also set up a drink station with sodas, pops, and adult beverages. Give guests individual trays to bring out so they can snack while they enjoy the movie.

5. Host the Ultimate Kids Sleepover Birthday Party

For a kid’s birthday party, there’s nothing more exciting than a sleepover party. Give your kids and their friends the ultimate kids’ party with an indoor campout. Pizza, snacks, chips, and fun sweets are great sleepover menu options.

Get cozy with hot chocolate or make fun smoothies, ice cream shakes, or root beer floats in the summer months. For sleeping, give each kid their own sleeping space. Use air mattresses or little cots or cushions to keep everyone comfortable during the night.

For a little extra glamour, add indoor sleeping tents to your party. Kids will get to feel like they are camping outside while you can rest easy knowing they are safe indoors. Decorate their tents with little glow-in-the-dark stars and snack trays. You can supply air mattresses and sleeping bags or have them bring their own blankets and pillows.

For breakfast, serve up pancakes, fresh fruit, or a cereal bar with fun cereals and fruits to mix in. Goodie bags can include flashlights and sleep masks for each kiddo. Make sure to give your home a great cleaning before and after the kid’s party to save yourself some stress.

House Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

Throwing a party at home is even more popular than ever. With these house party ideas, you’ll be able to kick back and have fun with your guests. There’s no need to stress about cleaning, prepping, and coming up with a theme.

If you’re ready to get your home in party-ready shape, fill out the contact form here. You’ll be put in touch with a home cleaning professional who can get your home clean, sanitized, and ready for guests.