Is your pantry looking cluttered and unorganized? Here are 5 helpful pantry cleaning tips and tricks that will have your space clean in no time.

Nearly 80% of adults in a recent survey said they would like their homes to be cleaner than they are. Many people feel that a clean home is a lot easier to manage when you have kids, a job, and other responsibilities.

But where do you begin?

If you want to get control of your home and get cleaning, start with a simple project such as the pantry.

Continue reading to discover some of the best pantry cleaning tips and cleaning advice!

Do a General Cleaning

It’s time to grab the broom and a sponge and get to the cleaning part of things.

It is best to work your way from top to bottom, especially if you have shelves. Start cleaning at the top by wiping down the walls and the cabinets. You may need to use your vacuum, but you can just wipe things down for now.

As you work your way down the cabinets and shelves, keep wiping things down with soap and water. This is the best cleaning solution because it doesn’t get sticky. You can also try the green cleaning products that we use!

Once you have made your way to the floor, vacuum all of the crumbs and dust-up. Mop the floor with some soap and you are good to go!

Bring in the Professionals

Many people recommend hiring a highly reviewed cleaning company to help do the deep cleaning of your pantry.

After you have gotten it most of the way cleaned up, call a professional to see if they can help out more. Many professionals focus on deep cleaning. They will help get the dirt off of walls and get in the hard-to-reach spaces.

Keep Things Organized

Learning how to organize your pantry is important if you want to prevent messes from happening.

By keeping heavy objects at eye level, you don’t have to worry about anyone lifting something and dropping it. It is also a good idea to keep snacks altogether and the same with canned goods. This will help stop snacks from falling in between cans and causing more of a mess.

Maintain Cleanliness

One of the most important cleaning tips is to maintain your pantry and clean up messes as they come.

By utilizing our recurring cleaning services, you can keep the pantry free of debris and mess. In between cleanings, do your best to sweep up crumbs. This will also prevent ants and other bugs from trying to move in.

Talk to your family about having them help out with this step. As long as everyone does their part, the pantry should stay relatively clean.

Avoid Moisture

By avoiding moisture and dampness in your pantry and home, you can help prevent asthma.

Mold produces harmful toxins that can make it difficult to breathe if left untreated. Since the kitchen is a room that can easily hold moisture, watch for mold spots in the corners and near vents.

Pantry Cleaning Tips to Follow

By following these pantry cleaning steps, you can become one step closer to having a neat and tidy home.

Organizing is important if you want to prevent crumbs from gathering and spills from occurring. If you happen to notice a spill, make sure you clean it up the best that you can promptly.

Keeping things dry and clean will also prevent moisture, which results in mold growth.

Be sure to contact our specialists for your deep, green, and recurring cleaning needs!