First off, if you decide not to tip your cleaners, don’t worry—they are not going to do a bad job cleaning your home the next time they visit just because you didn’t tip. Your cleaners will always strive to provide you with high quality cleaning as long as you have hired a professional cleaning service with a good reputation.

However, it is nice to leave a small amount of gratuity at each cleaning. $10- $20 per visit is typical, although any amount is welcome. Most cleaning companies can add a tip to your credit card payment if you so choose, or you could leave cash in a clearly-marked envelope to bring an immediate smile to your cleaners’ faces. Please note that most cleaning companies instruct their cleaners not to touch any cash lying around an owner’s home since it might not be intended for them. That’s why placing your cash tip inside a clearly-marked envelope or with a Post-it note lets the cleaner know the money is definitely meant for them.

It’s also a thoughtful option to consider leaving your regular cleaning technician a bonus for the holiday season, at the end of the year, or for their birthday.

To sum up, while it is entirely at your discretion, tipping your cleaners is a nice gesture and goes a long way to passing along a bit of gratitude toward the people who care for your home.