This morning, several media outlets across the nation were calling on America’s Top Cleaning Expert, Debbie Sardone, President of Buckets & Bows Maid Service, to talk about a leading story on germs and bacteria in hotel rooms. They know what we all experience this time of year: millions of us traveling and staying in hotel rooms to visit family and friends for the holidays. So how exposed are we to harmful germs and bacteria at America’s hotels on a trip home to see mom and dad?

The study, titled Hotel Hygiene Exposed and cited this morning in the Huffington Post, says that a hotel room is typically filthier than a home, school or plane. Quick room turnarounds don’t give cleaning staffs much time to truly disinfect areas and items in your room, even ones that are known germ-hosts like the bathroom counter and the remote control. The article highlights other high bacteria items to watch out for (the phone!), and it offers a few solutions too like carrying your own disinfectant wipes when you travel. The study reminds us not to be fooled by the well-made hotel bed with pretty linens. Instead, be aware and come prepared.

Check back here soon for America’s Top Cleaning Expert, Debbie Sardone’s reaction to the Hotel Hygiene Exposed study and her best tips for a healthier hotel stay this holiday season.