So the long-awaited day has come — your yearly deep clean.

Sure, the satisfaction of getting it over with is always worth it. But is there a way of getting through it a lot easier?

Luckily, homeowners have many options for optimizing the cleanliness of their homes. There are many house cleaning tips they can employ before they consider house cleaning services.

What exactly can make deep cleaning easier? How can you speed up the process so that you’re not spending days agonizing over a long task list?

Keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover a few house cleaning tips that are sure to make life easier for you while you clean!

1. Empty Your Rooms

It’s much more difficult to deep clean your home when the need to clear a shelf interrupts you. This can also frustrate you since the prospect of extra work can take you by surprise.

One of the best house cleaning tips you can employ in this case is emptying out your rooms beforehand. If practical, remove all furniture from the room. Roll up your rugs (to treat later) and you might even want to take down your curtains.

After that, it’s time to clear your storage areas. While you’re clearing out your home, designate a spot in your home to temporarily place your items. During your house cleaning, you might want to move your cars out from the garage and place your items in the garage.

Clear out as much as you can handle for an entire day. It’s most likely not viable to clear out your entire home since residents still need to sleep, eat, and use the restroom. But emptying your rooms the best you can will optimize your chances of easy deep cleaning.

2. Perform a Task in Every Room

Cleaning room by room is not the most effective way to get your entire house clean. Sure, you might feel a lot of satisfaction from getting your bathroom entirely clean before any other room. But when you move on, you’ll feel more burdened by the sheer number of rooms you have left.

Not only that, but it can take a while to obtain and put away the necessary equipment/cleaning supplies. Do you really want to head to the basement every time you finish vacuuming or dusting furniture? Or do you want to streamline your cleaning routine a bit more?

Instead, do one task at a time and perform it in every room before moving on to your next task. This method will cut the time it takes to transition between each task and let you feel less overwhelmed about deep cleaning your house.

3. Heavy-Duty Laundry Day

Your home most likely has many linens, sheets, and curtains that need washing. Otherwise, your home might incur excessive grime and debris that lowers indoor air quality and threatens residents with respiratory conditions.

So designate an entire day to your laundry. Depending on the size of your home and residents’ penchant for plush comfort, this might end up being a busy day. You can prep other parts of your home’s deep cleaning plan while they’re rumbling in your washers and dryers.

Throw in your weekly clothes load while you’re at it! This can even help you with the task of clearing your home. When they’re all washed and dried, you can put fold and put them away until they’re ready to put back up.

4. Focus on Organization

Sure, you could just put back your items without paying any mind to its organization. After all, all that matters is that the area you put them down is clean, right?

Though you may have scrubbed down and disinfected surfaces as needed, good organization is key to maintaining cleanliness and reducing clutter. This way, you’ll be able to access your belongings as conveniently as possible. Good organization will also let you stay organized, preventing the need for a complete overhaul in the future.

This means sorting through your items and determining what should be kept, donated, or thrown away. From there, you should understand what items you need most often and which can be put away in the attic for sporadic use. You might even benefit from using organization aids and shelf dividers to help you achieve maximum organization.

5. Regular Maintenance

Though these house cleaning tips will help you perform the best deep cleaning possible, it’s best to maintain your home on a regular basis. This will make deep cleaning even easier and help you live comfortably until that deep clean.

Cleaning your bathrooms and kitchens once a week (at least) is a no-brainer. So is vacuuming/mopping your home’s flooring and committing to laundry day.

But you could benefit from moving your furniture and cleaning hard-to-reach places on a seasonal basis. You could also reorganize your shelves and storage spaces every month.

Don’t neglect these tasks even if you are planning on putting all of your elbow grease into a deep clean. Sure, you can clock in the minutes you missed before that deep clean into that end-of-the-year polish.

But the more grime builds up, the harder it is to get rid of it. It could even get worse than if you had just addressed the grime/mess when you could have. So by waiting until the last minute to address uncleanliness, you’ll make job of cleaning up much harder than it needs to be.

House Cleaning Tips for a Better Deep Clean

Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be a bigger chore than it has to be. With enough preparation and smart house cleaning tips, you can deep clean your home with ease and speed.

At Buckets & Bows, we’ve got expert knowledge on how to keep a home as clean as can be. That’s why we offer premium maid services for any homeowner that wants to freshen up their space. So if you need house deep cleaning services, contact us today!