Loreal-Gift-BoxIt’s simple to nominate a women you want to recognize for her worth!  We’ll send the 10 top winning nominees  this beautiful Women Of Worth Cosmetics Gift Box in your name.  Ten winners will be selected.  This is a recognition gift we’re making on behalf of you, the person who nominated her, and received the most social engagement on your post!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit our Facebook page and LIKE it.
  2. Nominate your deserving Women by posting a COMMENT in our pinned post:  Mention her first and last name, tag her, and tell us in one-sentence why she’s WORTH IT!  Just finish the sentence “she’s worth it because…….”
  3. EXAMPLE:  Kim Cloud is worth it because she uses her business to raise funds for many worthwhile charities in Denton County!  (the way to “tag” your nominee in your post is to type the @ symbol before her name, like: @kimcloud  If you are friends on Facebook her name will autofill and she’ll see that you nominated her!)
  4. The 10 winners will be selected from all the nominees based on the most LIKES, COMMENTS, and SHARES of your post!  (once you post you can go back and like, comment, and share to boost her chances to win)
  5. Be sure to only nominate a women from our community (any women who lives or works in Denton County can be nominated).
  6. You can nominate up to three women who work or live in Denton County, BUT be sure to create a new COMMENT for each of your nominees, all within the PINNED post.

Buckets & Bows Maid Service President was named a L’Oreal Paris 2016 Women Of Worth

As one of ten L’Oreal Paris’ Women Of Worth 2016, I’m inspired by women everywhere for their worth and contribution to the lives of others.  It doesn’t matter if she has a big public platform or quietly serves behind the scenes, we all know someone who deserves a little recognition for her worth.  That’s why we’re looking for 10 women to send this limited edition L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Box to.  She might be a teacher, first responder, entrepreneur, your mom, your sister.  It’s your nomination, recognize a women of worth in your life today!

*Every L’Oreal Paris Cosmetic Gift Box we purchase generates a donation to our nonprofit Cleaning For A Reason, so we are super excited to recognize 10 women in our community while generating a donation for our cause!  How great is that??