Buckets & Bows Maid Service has touched off a media firestorm and is being talked about all over the world, literally!  Flower Mound resident, and President of Buckets & Bows Maid Service Debbie Sardone was mentioned several times in articles about Cleaning For A Reason, the nonprofit she started in 2006.  “We’ve received numerous calls from news agencies this past week for interviews.  What an exciting time for my other* businesses and my nonprofit.  The publicity means more women will hear about our free services and more maid services will join our cause.” said Sardone on the coverage and exposure that has be generated over the past week.  Last week a world news report out of the UK touched off a firestorm of media attention.  Below are some links to the national headlines.

Australia: US cleaning companies volunteer to help cancer sufferers

Canada: Cleaning company offers free cleaning to all women undergoing treatment for cancer

England: Company offers free cleaning to all women undergoing treatment for cancer

As media begets media, offers for interviews have been rolling in from the United States as well.  So far this past week the requests for media interviews have come in from:

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Inside Edition

and many more local shows and networks!  We are so proud to be serving Flower Mound and making an impact around our world.

*Other businesses:  President of Speed Cleaning, an e-commerce retailer of her own branded nontoxic cleaning products as well as high end cleaning tools and equipment (from vacuums to mops and cleaning towels and more).  KYSO Consulting, Inc. Cleaning Business Consulting for maid service business owners, Cleaning Up! Radio Program for business advice and tips on cleaning up your life and home.