Starting a new cleaning business

If you want to step into the cleaning industry and start your own cleaning business, then there can be two market groups for you, one being the consumer group and the other being commercial group. In consumer group, there are residential maid services, carpet and window cleaners and some more whereas in the commercial group, the main services being provided are the janitorial services which are typically comprise of variety of services other than the maid services with carpet and window cleaning companies who offer their services to the businesses and not the residential clients. In this article, however, key tips are mentioned for those who want to start a new residential or commercial cleaning maid business.

Key to start a successful cleaning business

The owners of different successful cleaning businesses have told about the key points that will help us in starting a new residential cleaning business. These are the words of advice that will surely be helpful to you and tell you the key points that you must do if you want to succeed in the cleaning industry. There cannot be an any better teacher than the voice of experience. Therefore, an experienced cleaning business owner can provide you with the best tips in this regard, and this article contains the information provided by established cleaning service owners. They are like a cleaning business coach to you and will tell you what makes a company successful and what brings the downfall.

  • Learn something

The cleaning business is not complex thus is not difficult as well. There is always something to learn. Technology is advancing day by day, and newer equipment has come on the market that can help you to clean efficiently. Moreover, there is safety aspect too where you have to take care of the chemicals with which you are cleaning. There are many ways by which you can enhance your managerial and organizational skills.

If you are just starting a new cleaning business, then it will be helpful to you if you hire the services of an experienced cleaning business coach for you. He or she will be the right trainer or coach for your employees who will tell them about how to use the equipment with most advanced technology, how to handle the chemicals with care. They will tell your employees about what chemicals to use and which chemicals should be avoided. Cleaning business consulting will provide you with tips for your managerial and organizational skills too. Debbie Sardone is one such business consultant and trainer to the cleaning business owners.

  • Show commitment and devotion to your work

To succeed in any job, you have to be committed and devoted to your job and so do your clients need to be. Motivate them to be interested in their job and give their best to it. A maid cleaning consultant can help you in doing so. He or she will teach the employees about cleaning the places like they are the owners there. Whether your employees are handling a residential cleaning job, janitorial work or any other custom cleaning service, the maid cleaning consultant will tell the cleaners to clean like they are cleaning their owned home or office.

  • Organize yourself and your business

You have to organize your business and set a proper structure for it. This will help you to work on consistently and efficiently. For every function that you are going to perform, there must be a system. The cleaning consultant again can help you in this regard too by telling you options about the different systems like laundry, supervision, cleaning, accounting, management and finally the customer service.

  • Employees- your trump card

Your employees are your trump cards in this business. They are the ones who can affect your business the most and the ones who are the decider of your business. The outcome of your service in the form of customer satisfaction can come depending on the performance of your employees. Therefore, there is a great need for motivating them to come up with their best. This can be done by hiring a maid cleaning consultant who will train them and guide you to handle them with respect and provide bonus and incentives to them for performing at the top level. Debbie Sardone is one cleaning consultant who can provide you with tips regarding your cleaning business.

About Debbie Sardone

Debbie Sardone is into the cleaning business for more than 32 years and now offers cleaning business coaching services to the people who want to start a new cleaning business. Her Dallas based cleaning company is one of the most successful businesses whose annual sales amount to over a million. She keeps on holding different seminars, workshops and conferences all over the world to share her secrets of success with the business owners.