Teen Cleaning-Lewisville TX|House Cleaning| Maid ServiceHow do you get your teenagers to help clean the bathroom in under two hours, but over two minutes? We’ve been asked this question, and we salute your determination and wish you great success. Learning how to clean is an essential part of the skills required to get along in life. After all, cleaning skills can ease your toil, save time, and result in a more enjoyable living space for the rest of a lifetime. Also, even though your children may not realize it right now (or admit it if they do!), most people find a task more enjoyable once they know how to do it properly and are skillful at it – no matter what the skill is.

In order for teenagers to warm to the prospect of doing their share of cleaning, you might have a fighting chance if they realize they’re getting it over with in absolutely the least time possible (this also shows you’re respecting their time and interests). As you are no doubt keenly aware, teenagers are in a developmental stage when absolute rules become less and less effective. Adults relate to one another far more often with contracts (agreements) than with rules. So if you can approach your teenagers on more of a contractual basis, you might get a better response – something in the order of “We have a contract: I’ll give you an allowance in exchange for meeting certain conditions.” You’re looking for what’s called a meeting of the minds. Our Speed Cleaning techniques teach someone how to clean any room in a fast, step-by-step, easy-to-learn manner. They cover how to divide up the work (in a team effort, if possible), where to start each job, and what tools to use – from Step 1 to Step 2 to completion. I don’t want to get your hopes too high, but they have worked for thousands of other families. Oh, you will undoubtedly also need a reward. Note: Similar tactics also work for adults. For example, if someone just plain doesn’t like cleaning and is avoiding it, learning how to do it really helps! A big reason people dislike a task is because they’re not exactly sure how to go about it.