Happy 4th of July everyone!  As we celebrate our country’s independence and FREEDOM, remember that freedom isn’t free at all; men and women have paid a huge price for this freedom we so cherish.  One of the greatest freedoms we enjoy in America is the freedom to worship the true and living God as we please.  A privilege much of the rest of the world doesn’t have to the exent we do.  Here is my FAVORITE,  rendition of the National Anthem.  THEN, listen to the NEXT song as well.  My favorite song about God’s Grace (something that is also FREE, but came at a HUGE price as well).  I hope you will listen to both songs, and be moved as I always am, when I hear them:



Heal Our Land by Sandi Patty cover

We support the Heroes of Denton County:  Military, Police, and Firefighters everywhere keeping citizens safe