The housekeeping industry has a projected growth rate of 20% a year. It is predicted by next year that, 80% of two-income households will invest in house cleaners. Couples are starting to realize that their hard-earned cash is best spent on cleaning services so they can spend time doing things they love, not cleaning.

That should be left to the pros so people can enjoy their life, travel, and spend time with loved ones. To have the best cleaning service experience, it is important to clearly communicate your goals and house rules. Below we’ll cover nine tips to prepare for your housekeepers.

Stay Home for the First Visit

The majority of housekeeping services recommend that their clients stick around for the initial cleaning. This is necessary for many reasons:

  • They don’t know your house, so you can show them around
  • You don’t know them, so it will make you feel secure
  • You can provide immediate feedback for future cleaning

Schedule your first cleaning on a day when you are off or working from home. This will make it easy to provide feedback and also see for yourself the quality of the maid services.

Decide if You Want the Same Cleaners or Anyone From the Company

Some cleaning companies will send the same crew to the same house. This helps build trust with the family and also creates familiarity with the home, so cleaning is easier and more productive. Other companies will send whoever is on call to complete the house cleaning duties.

Check with your cleaning service to see what options they provide. If you can get the same crew each time, that will be best as you won’t have to worry about giving a run down of the house each time, and they’ll already be familiar with your expectations and cleaning preferences.

Sometimes requesting the same crew requires flexibility in your schedule.

Create a Schedule

If you want the same cleaning crew each week, bi-weekly, or every month, it’s important to set up future appointments so you can have peace of mind. Knowing when exactly your house will get cleaned each month makes everything much easier.

It’s also really convenient to have a consistent day and time blocked out for house cleaning each month. For example, you might have Tuesdays as a work-from-home day. Book your housekeeping days for Tuesdays, so you can let the crew in and already know in advance when they’re coming.

Exchange Contact Information

In the case that you’re not home or have to run out while the housekeepers are working, make sure they have your contact information. In case of any emergencies or confusion, they must be able to reach your mobile phone or at least text you.

This may sound simple, but it will make it much easier for the cleaning company to confirm visits and inquire with any questions before and during cleaning.

Declutter Your Space

While the cleaning is left to the housekeepers, you don’t want them to start with a playroom that looks like a tornado just went through it. Buckets and Bows do provide decluttering and organizing services if you prefer to have your housekeepers take care of every step.

If you’re only looking for a deep clean and sanitation, make sure to move belongings out of the way. Clear the floors for vacuums and the counters for easy cleaning.

Protect Any Valuables

That being said, it’s also super important to move any valuables out of the way. Housekeepers are very trustworthy and do their best to leave the space how they found it (but cleaner, of course). Sometimes accidents happen, and things may fall or break, although it is very rare.

This step is more to just give yourself peace of mind. Move any important vases or delicate items that you love out of the way to ensure there is no chance of them being damaged.

Set Clear Expectations

The level of cleaning you desire will impact your cost and satisfaction.

To meet your needs beforehand, discuss the list of services, prices, and what is most important to you. Maybe one week you need a full house clean, and for another, you just need the kitchen taken care of for a party you’re hosting.

Set these expectations in advance, so there are no surprises. Below is a list of Buckets and Bows cleaning services so you can get an idea of what is offered:

  • Top to bottom, deluxe cleaning
  • Maintenance general house cleaning

The former service cleans out every centimeter of your home, from lampshades to kitchen floors. The latter service is more of an upkeep service between deeper cleans. You can customize your service as much as you want.

Got Cleaning Supply Restrictions? Let Them Know

Some clients have certain restrictions on cleaning supplies. They might have a specific brand they love, or they might require only natural cleaners due to allergies.

Whatever your desires, let the housekeeping team know before their visit. They might have your desired brands and cleaners on hand. If not, you can provide any cleaning supplies for them to use.

Give Feedback Often and Early

We saved the best tip for last. The key to a successful housekeeper relationship is to always communicate with them. Whether you have positive feedback or something you want to be done differently, let them know upfront.

Don’t be shy! This is the best way to ensure your house is cleaned the way you want it to be done!

Follow These Tips for a Successful Housekeeping Experience

Communication, customization, and organization are at the heart of a positive housekeeping relationship. Your housekeepers will become like a second family to your home. Make sure to let them know what matters the most to you, and they’ll clean to your standards.

With a housekeeping service, you can spend just one hour’s worth of wages and put your time into something more productive for yourself, like taking a vacation, spending time with family, or exploring a city. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote today!