Are you thinking about hiring house cleaners?

Paying for a house cleaning service comes with a wide variety of benefits. The right cleaners will leave your house looking spotless, freeing you up to focus on your work, family, or whatever else requires your attention.

But if you don’t hire the right maid services, you might not get the best work for your money. Good house cleaners go through specific training that enables them to work with most surfaces and situations. Below, we’ll get into the top 5 signs your housekeepers were well-trained. Keep reading if you want to make the most informed choice when hiring cleaning services!

1. They Follow Specific Procedures

A good housekeeping company will teach its house cleaners very specific procedures for cleaning different areas. Each member of the team should be expected to memorize the methods used and use them in client homes.

So, before you hire house cleaners, ask the company what procedures it uses to clean different areas. If a cleaning business can’t give you a clear answer about this, the cleaners might not have the best training available.

If you’ve already hired cleaners, pay attention to the methods they use. Notice whether they tend to follow a certain procedure every time they clean your house.

2. They Come with Proper Supplies

The best professional housekeeping teams stay on top of the latest developments in cleaning materials. This means they know about all the best chemicals, sprays, and tools for cleaning each room. They should show up with their own cleaning materials, provided by the company.

In addition, the cleaning teams should never use materials on the wrong surfaces. Teaching workers about which chemicals work best on wood, glass, and all other surfaces should serve as a key part of a company’s training.

Ask the cleaning company about the different materials their workers use and the rationale behind working with them. If you have furniture made of delicate matter, such as wood or leather, ask how the housekeepers will clean these pieces.

Likewise, if you have any concerns about certain issues in your house, such as persistent grout stains, see if the workers have been trained to handle them. Good worker training prepares cleaners for a variety of issues. So, inquiring into which problems a team can fix will help you choose the best house cleaners.

3. They Have Great Soft Skills

Cleaning companies know that customer relationships drive their success. Many maid services develop a loyal client base that works with them for years. If they want to keep those clients, though, their workers need to have excellent soft skills.

As such, companies will include interacting with customers as part of their training. Here are some examples of soft skills to look for in a well-trained house cleaner:

  • Creative thinking
  • Good work ethic
  • Time management
  • Positive attitude
  • Clear communication
  • Flexibility
  • Professional demeanor
  • Problem-solving ability

Your workers should also have the ability to alter their cleaning to your requests.

4. They Work for a Company

One of the best ways to get house cleaners who are highly trained is to hire them from a dedicated cleaning company.

Some house cleaners work for themselves. While they can do good work, there’s no way to guarantee they have the same level of training as someone who works for a company. Cleaning businesses have an interest in training all of their workers well because their service reflects directly back onto the company.

As a result, house cleaners who work for companies often have better training than those who don’t.

5. New Workers Don’t Come Alone

One of the best ways to assess how well a house cleaning company trains its members is to pay attention when new cleaners come to your home.

Companies with high training standards often pair newer workers with more experienced ones. That way, the experienced workers can oversee the newer ones and make sure they know the proper procedures. For more information on whether a company follows this model, contact the business’s office.

No matter how many workers a company sends, ask them about their training procedures. You can also ask how they guarantee they hire the best people for the job. Look for cleaners who come screened and qualified for their positions.

How to Choose the Best-Trained House Cleaners

If you’re still looking into different house cleaning companies, you should know the best procedures for choosing the right one.

First, get an idea of what other people thought of different cleaning services in your area. You can do this by reading reviews either on the company’s website or on platforms like Google My Business.

Asking for referrals from friends and neighbors also helps.

Then, look into the fees you’ll pay for the cleaners to come to your home. Compare a few different companies’ price points to see who offers the most services for the lowest cost.

Want to Hire a Great Housekeeping Team?

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