spring cleaning checklist

One of the best ways to say goodbye to winter and usher in spring is to give your home a proper spring cleaning. The importance of spring cleaning is that it gets rid of dirt and germ build-up, making your home environment healthier. A deep cleaning every three months can boost your immune system and reduce illnesses and allergies.

But spring cleaning seems like a huge and complicated task so many people shy away from doing it. If you have been looking for a foolproof spring cleaning checklist then you are in the right place. Keep reading for our complete spring cleaning guide that we have divided according to each room in your house.

Front Entrance

Start with sweeping and mopping all the floors. Move any furniture to the side and sweep under them. Wipe down all the walls and baseboards.

Wash the welcome mat. Organize shoes and coats. Get rid of heavy winter coats and replace them with lighter spring ones and shoes.

Living Room

The living room often has couches that you must clean carefully. Vacuum and spot clean upholstered sofas and chairs to remove dust and dirt. Remove and wash all slipcovers.

Wash blankets, throws, and pillows in the washing machine. You should also wash and police all the windows and windowsills. Dust all electronics, furniture, and fixtures. Sanitize all remote controls and shampoo any rugs or carpets.

Dining Room

In the dining room, empty the storage cabinet and wash all the dining ware, polish utensils and dust the shelves. Also, wash and iron all the table linen and vacuum all upholstery and get them professionally cleaned if necessary.


To deep-clean the bathroom, start by getting rid of any old or unused products and equipment. Throw out expired medications and makeup as well as old brushes. Empty bathroom cabinets and clean the shelves before putting back necessary items.

Clean and descale the showerhead. Scrub the bathroom tiles and grout and disinfect them. Replace or clean the shower curtain.

Scrub inside the toilet bowl to remove any stains or marks and clean and disinfect all its surfaces. Clean the vanity area, scrub the sink and wash all the bathroom mirrors. To prevent cross-contamination, don’t use bathroom cleaning rugs in any other area of the house.


The kitchen will take more time than other rooms to deep clean due to the many dirty appliances that it has. Food, grease, water as well as dust all mix and build-up to create dirty surfaces that take time to clean up. It’s best to deep clean your kitchen at least every two weeks to prevent the buildup of dirt and germs.

Start by cleaning the stovetop and oven and wiping down the stove’s front and sides. Clean inside the microwave and wash the dish inside. Wipe down the top and sides of the microwave.

Run the dishwasher through a cleaning cycle as recommended by the manufacturers and wipe down its front. Empty the fridge and freezer and throw out all expired food and food that you won’t eat. Defrost the freezer and then wipe and sanitize it and fridge shelves.

Remove utensils from the kitchen shelves and wash them with warm soapy water. Get rid of any broken appliances and those that you won’t be using. Clean, deodorize and degrease the kitchen drain using an industrial disposal cleaner to unclog it.

Wipe cabinet doors, walls, and baseboards to remove backsplashes and grease. Mop the floors and clean any mats you may have. Ensure that you only use kitchen rugs for the kitchen and wash and disinfect them as part of your spring cleaning.


In the bedroom, the main items to be deep cleaned are the mattress and beddings. Vacuum, deodorize and spot clean the mattress and flip it over.

This is the best time to go through your closets and get rid of unused and damaged clothes. Wash and put away winter clothes as you won’t need them for some time. Clean closet shelves and organize them and wipe down the wardrobe doors.

Laundry Room

If you have a laundry room you can deep clean your washing machine by cleaning the dryer vent and lint trap. Dust the shelves and organize all the laundry supplies. Wash any cloths covering the ironing board and table and wipe down the ironing box.


If you have small children, then their playroom and toys also need to be spring-cleaned. Wash all the plastic toys and stuffed animals with warm soapy water. Wipe down and sanitize any toys with electric parts.

Declutter the playroom by throwing out any broken toys and donating anything that your children no longer play with. Organize the toys into containers and shelves to give the playroom a tidy appearance.


When deep cleaning the office go through your paperwork and shred and dispose of all unneeded documents. Remove books and any other items from the bookshelves and dust them. Wipe down the shelves before replacing the items. Dust any electronics in the office and sanitize your computer keyboard and mouse.


The garage is often treated as a dumping place and is rarely spring cleaned. But it is also a part of your home and should be as spotless and organized as all the other rooms. Start by getting rid of anything that is no longer needed in your home.

Throw out or donate any tools, equipment and toys in storage that you haven’t used in a while. Clean the garage door and any windows. Then replace batteries in the garage door remote controllers and openers.

Create a Spring Cleaning Checklist That Fits Your Home

Our spring cleaning guide covers most of the rooms that you would find in a home. But each house and family is different so use our guide to create a suitable checklist for your home.

Avoid getting overwhelmed by the amount of work on your spring cleaning checklist. Try splitting the work an~d focusing on one room each week. If you need help with a deep cleaning this spring, contact us today for an obligation-free cleaning quote.