Hectic schedules and jam-packed days characterize modern times. No matter the field you ply your trade in or profession, long working hours and tiring days is the norm. With this in mind, many homeowners find it challenging to keep their homes in pristine conditions. After all, the little free time you end up, you will most likely want to spend it catching up and bonding with friends and family or even alone.

That being said, it is common for some homeowners to hesitate to bring in professional cleaners to help clean their home. While it might seem counterintuitive, many people would not like anyone to see their home in a cluttered, messy, and dirty state. They simply choose to suffer in silence instead of enjoying the packs of living in a spotlessly clean home by calling in professional cleaners.

If you are in such a situation, you’d be please to note that there is no house that’s too dirty for our professional cleaning crew to clean.

Why Homeowners Feel Their Homes Is Too Dirty, Even For Professional Cleaners

#1. Homeowners Might Feel Their Homes As Being Too Cluttered To Receive Any Help

Some homeowners feel their homes are too far gone to get any help. There are instances where the clutter seems too much, even for the most dedicated and experienced cleaning crew. However, do not pass this judgment before consulting professional cleaners. A walk-through with the cleaners will help you understand how much it will take to clean your home. You might be surprised to find out the dirt is not as much as it seems.

#2. They Don’t Want Anyone To See Their Dirty Home

There are cases where homeowners have a mind that their homes should always be spotlessly clean. For such homeowners, when clutter accumulates and dust covers some surface, chances are they will feel embarrassed by the state of their home. Moreover, they wouldn’t like anyone, including the cleaners, to see their homes in such a state.

While it natural to want to hide anything you feel is embarrassing, professional cleaners are, first and foremost, professional. They render their services not passing judgment on the state of your home. Crucially, they respect your privacy and operate with strict confidentiality. As such, the details of how much cleaning they do will remain between the two parties.

How Your Home Can Become ‘Too Dirty’

The vast majority of us are too hard on ourselves. Other times, we simply want the best for our families. This means any time our homes appear cluttered, we deem them as too dirty. However, in reality, the cleaning crew has seen worse.

There are instances when dirt does collect, becoming a sore in the eyes of homeowners. When homeowners lack ample time to clean every nook and cranny in their home, dirt collects quite quickly. When the entire household has little to no time to clean their homes, clutter and dirt will find a home.

The other common cause for houses becoming dirty is the lack of proper cleaning skills. While this might seem like an impossibility, some homeowners do not have an intricate understanding of the art and science of cleaning their homes thoroughly.

All things considered, homeowners should never accept to live in germ-infested, clutter-filled, and dirty environments. As the recent work from home trend has shown us, a typical house can be more than a residence that you leave in the morning and return late in the night. Our homes can become our places of work as well. And with the work from home trend only set to continue, chances are most homeowners will find little time to dedicate to cleaning tasks.

As such, hiring professional cleaners, even when it seems your home is too far gone, is the best solution for keeping your home spotlessly clean.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A House?

While it might sound cliché, vague, and unhelpful, there is no standard time it takes to clean homes. Professional cleaning services are highly tailored services. Home cleaning services come in different types, such as deep/spring cleaning, regular cleaning, sanitization services, green cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, or basic cleaning. Moreover, you can tailor the services you receive to entail elements of different types of cleaning, such as combining deep cleaning with sanitization services.

Factor in that every home is unique in design, make-up, contents, and environment, and you can understand why there is virtually no way of determining the exact time it would take to clean your home. Nonetheless, we draw from our experience of cleaning thousands of homes every year to guestimate the number of hours a cleaning job might take.

With the above in mind, it is essential to note that you are paying for a certain number of professional cleaning hours, which will influence the level of cleaning you need. As such, homeowners looking for a deep clean house should hire professional cleaners for a much longer time. Furthermore, the more clutter and dirt the cleaners have to clean, the more time they spend in your home.

On the other hand, you can straighten up your home slightly, reducing your cleaning workload for the cleaners. Doing so will reduce the time your cleaners need to clean your home thoroughly. Straightening your home a tad will reduce the overall cost of the cleaning. Importantly, you can do what is within your capability while leaving the bulk of the complex, tiresome, hazardous cleaning tasks for professional cleaners to handle.

In the same light, you can opt to organize your home after the cleaning tasks have been completed. Keep in mind that there are a few people. After all, you know best which organization plan works for you and which layout is not suitable for your lifestyle. However, if you want everything done for you, a professional cleaner will gladly help you organize your home.

Finally, you can spread the cleaning tasks of different rooms over several days rather than one day. Staging the cleaning will reduce the cost burden. Instead of turning to your pocket for a one-time cleaning project, you can opt to clean your home over several weeks. If you choose to spread the cleaning tasks over several weeks, ensure you stick with one cleaning crew. They will at least have a reference for what has been completed and what is yet to be done.