Follow the Speed Cleaning Rule of 3

Whatever you do, don’t break the Speed Cleaning Rule of 3 during the coronavirus crisis. This is the safest way to sanitize a surface.

If you get this right you’ll be in a better position to clean your office and home.

Speed Cleaning Rule of 3

1. Clean first, then zap!

Clean a surface first, then zap with disinfectant. First you use an all purpose cleaner (we recommend Red Juice) and only when the surface is clean, THEN you follow up with disinfectant. For example if you want to sanitize a table, you clean it first to get all the gunk and fingerprints off, and then you spray with disinfectant.

2. Spray and stay!

Most people make the mistake of not following this rule, which is the most critical of the three. Spray and stay means that you spray disinfectant and then you let it sit on the surface— DO NOT WIPE immediately.

Instructions on your disinfectant will tell you how much dwell time is required for that particular disinfectant to kill viruses or bacteria. Dwell time is the amount of time that the liquid needs to remain on the surface before being wiped off.

In most cases your disinfectant will need at least 90 seconds of dwell time to kill viruses. So look for the dwell time on your disinfectant and follow those instructions. It’s actually harder to kill bacteria than it is to kill viruses, so the dwell time may be about ten minutes to kill bacteria. But if you’re only concerned about the coronavirus, let the disinfectant dwell on the surface for at least 90 seconds and then you wipe it up.

3. Once and done

The once and done principle is that you will use a cleaning surface only one time. So spray disinfectant on your towel, leave the disinfectant to dwell for 90 seconds, and then wipe the doorknobs, but then you need to use another part of the towel or rag to keep cleaning other surfaces. Do not clean multiple surfaces with the same towel. Need towels? We like these microfiber cloths.

Spray disinfectant, let it sit for the right dwell time, then wipe with a towel. Use the towel areas once, then you’re done. Get a clean side for every surface you want to clean. You can keep flipping your towel to find clean sides.

This is the same principle for using sanitizing wipes. Instead of “once and done,” it’s “once and toss.” You use the sanitizing wipe on one surface and then throw it out.

Need disinfectant?

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If you are local to the area, feel free to place your order and let us know that you want to pick it up instead of having it shipped. You’ll get it faster and without shipping charges.

Also, if you have your own spray bottle, you can come by the Buckets & Bows Maid Service office in Lewisville to get some disinfectant. Please call ahead and let us know you’re coming. Bring your empty spray bottle and we’ll come out to your car and refill your bottle with disinfectant. If you need disinfectant, especially if you’re a local business, let us know and we’ll give it to you for free.