Has the fear of the virus spreading during the COVID-19 pandemic made you consider pausing your recurring house cleaning services?

It is a natural impulse to lock things down during the crisis, but in reality when conducted safely and responsibly house cleaning services actually help improve the health of your home.

The Challenge

COVID-19 is a global illness that has led governments, doctors, as well as the media to emphasize the importance of hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness.

We have been advised to cover our faces in public, wash hands for specific lengths of time, to practice social distancing, to line up for our trips to the store, as well as quarantine and isolate ourselves away from the rest of our community.

While this means that we are required to stay as sanitary and clean as possible to ensure that the pandemic doesn’t become worse and hopefully eventually is eliminated, it also discourages us from inviting people into our homes.

When it comes to hiring a cleaner, this presents a potential dilemma.

You would like to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and keep everything as safe and healthy as possible, but if you deny a cleaner entry to your home you are essentially denying them and by extension yourself the chance to keep your home clean. It is somewhat of a Catch 22 situation.

Still, the reasons for hiring a cleaner at your property outweigh the reasons not to do it. And if you choose a cleaning company like Buckets & Bows Maid Service, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that we have taken every precaution to make sure we provide our essential service safely and responsibly.

Cleaning Services are Essential

Keep in mind that on April 30, 2020, the Stay At Home Order was lifted and subsequently replaced by the new guidance for economic recovery for championing health as well as physical distancing. The criteria outlined by Greg Abbot, the Governor of Texas aligned with the specifications laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the White House.

The professional advice allowed for the easing of lockdown measures with the belief that it is less likely for COVID-19 to make a resurgence. Texas’s new Executive Order not only protects public health but also offers public health guidance for individuals and businesses to ensure that physical distancing is maintained.

The Texas Department of Health Sciences also provided both businesses and customers with guidance that allowed for the partial resumption of operations. Many off these services, such as gyms, spas, and pools are actually far more invasive than inviting a cleaner into your house.

If you are still not reassured by this, read on…

Hiring a Cleaner for Your House During COVID-19

It is now more important an ever to hire a cleaner for your home during the pandemic. Read on to learn why:

1. Professional, safe and responsible

If you hire a cleaner, he/she will be offering a professional service and that is critical in a time when it is particularly important to keep a hygienic home. Simply put, an illness that affects most of the world and thrives off an unhygienic environment isn’t the time to be lax or skimp on keeping your home clean. While you might feel that you are perfectly capable of properly cleaning your home yourself, can you really do a better job than am experienced, trained professional?

2. Take a Break

Do you have COVID-19 fatigue? Just like everybody else, you are most likely concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic as well as what it means for many aspects of life. So, why should you put yourself through extra stress? If you hire a cleaner to take care of the cleanliness of your home, it will be one less thing that you need to be concerned about.

You can not only check that off the list of things that you need to do every week, but you can also start focusing on other things. You will also be looking after your health as well the health of your roof while you are at it. It is something to help you sleep easier, knowing that you are doing everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of your family.

3. You Will Be Helping the Bigger Picture

If you hire a professional cleaning service and thus are a responsible citizen, you can rest easy knowing that you are playing your role in combating the spread of the pandemic.

The reality is that the more serious we are when it comes to maintaining high levels of hygiene, the quicker the virus can be eliminated. If you skimp now on keeping your surroundings the cleanest that you can, COVID-19 will be around much longer than everyone would like it to be.

It might be easy to say that it is impossible to make a difference on your own, but that simply is not true. Beating the virus has always and will always be a collective public effort. We have been advised to steer clear of others and stay indoors. That’s how we can beat the virus. So, keeping our cleaners on the payroll for enforcing professional hygiene levels is just as important as social distancing or isolating.

4. Let Common Sense and Responsible Actions Overcome Fear and Panic

If you cancel your cleaning service, it can be argued that you have given into the fear of the pandemic. While people’s lives all over the world were forced to change drastically in 2020, hiding away in fear isn’t the solution. Don’t let fear and panic derail you from making a sensible decision.

5. Social Distancing

Simply because you are inviting a cleaner in your home to do his/her job it does not automatically mean that you no longer have to practice social distancing. The simple fact is that you are social distancing anyway once you leave your house if you are a responsible citizen.

Whenever the mailman comes to your door with your parcel, or when you run essential errands like going to the local grocery store, you should keep at least 6 feet away from other people. You should keep enforcing the same rules with the cleaner, too.

6. COVID-19 Precautions

Businesses and professionals across the world are being forced to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis the planet faces. That means that professional standards are being enforced by companies along with their staff that continue to interact with customers.

Responsible professional cleaning services have similar rules in place. They will ensure that personal protective equipment is worn whenever a staff member is sent into somebody’s home. Cleaners wearing gloves and masks, where necessary, helps add an additional layer of protection.

The cleaning staff are also trained on how to clean your house professionally without risking infection or spreading it, keeping everything at a maximum level of sanitation, and reducing the risk to you and your family.

7. Support Your Local Businesses…Responsibly

It is quite a scary time for many people with the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought upon the world. Many people are currently worried about their jobs and income – not least those in the domestic service industry.

It is therefore important, whenever possible, to play your role in supporting local businesses. Retaining the services provided by a cleaner is a great way to do this.

8. You Are at Home More

We have been advised to stay at home as much as possible over the past several months. It means that you and your family have been using the house more than you normally would. The children have been home-schooled and you likely have been working from home. This alone is a good enough reason to ensure that you are on top of things with regards to getting your home professionally cleaned.

9. Take the Opportunity to De-Clutter Your Home

Since you’re home more often, take advantage or your extra time at home and start de-cluttering. Start small so you do not become overwhelmed.  And then work your way sorting through the attic, closet, basement, garage etc. Start getting rid of things that you hardly ever use or even need.

However, de-cluttering can create several hygiene issues. You might be unearthing items that were long-forgotten thus creating more dust. You might produce extra trash when you sort through the guest bedroom closet. If you are using this time to do chores such as this, it is always a good idea to have a cleaner who provides extra help keeping things clean.

10. Professional Products

Keep in mind that a professional cleaning company typically uses commercial-grade, heavy-duty cleaning products that you may not have access to.

While the products that you buy in local stores can be effective, hiring professional cleaners with their superior cleaning equipment and products means that your home will come our even cleaner and more sanitized than you ever imagined.

11. Assuring Others

While it is advisable to keep a cleaner in employment during this period, others might not necessarily agree. The COVID-19 pandemic is alien to everyone; and people are looking to both family and friends for guidance and advice.

If you use a professional cleaning service, you will be setting an example for other people. In turn, this helps spread a positive message. You will be helping other people, in other households, keep hygienic and safe. Besides that, you will be supporting the businesses of other companies as well as the livelihoods of their cleaning staff.

12. Your House, Your Rules

One of the key benefits of employing someone in your own home is that you will be the one in control of the environment that they are working in.

So, while professional cleaning services will be sure to do everything possible to keep the house safe for them to work in and you to live in, you can contribute to that too during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Can You Do This?

Allow ventilation. If possible, keep the windows and doors open around the house where the cleaning will be done.

Wear your own personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, whenever the cleaner is inside your home doing their job.

Make sure that hand sanitizer is always available.

Instruct other members of your household to stay out of the way. You want to ensure that the cleaner can do their job effectively. Ensure that you, your children, and any pets are somewhere else while they clean. You can actually send the children out for their lock-down exercise when the cleaner is in the house. For instance, you can get the children to take your dog for a walk.

Manage your household to minimize the risk to both you and the cleaner. It will mean that the job is done better, faster, and everybody will have peace of mind during this worrying time.

Get Hiring

The key reasons for hiring a cleaner during the COVID-19 crisis should be clear: to keep your home hygienic, sterilized, and spotless.

If you wish to learn more about the services we offer, please contact us or get an instant online quote. We are ready to answer all your queries and get your house in tip-top shape.

We are here for you.  It is a privilege to clean your home and our duty to do so safely and responsibly.  To learn more about what we are doing to help keep your home and family safe during this crisis, be sure to keep up to date on the latest news here.