Most of us enjoy having a neat and tidy home, but we all know that one person who absolutely loves to clean and needs their house to be spick-and-span at all times. That clean freak would be thrilled to receive anything from this selection of gifts.

Now, it can be easy to get this type of present wrong— very wrong! Giving someone a vacuum when they never expressed any joy about cleaning or when they expected some nice jewelry? That would be a present misfire. But we’re here to help you get this one right. Check out our picks for the best cleaning-related products to give to your favorite clean freak this holiday season.

Total Home Care Kit 

If the clean freak in your life hasn’t been cleaning using the Speed Cleaning™ method, along with an efficient cleaning apron and tools, they’ve been wasting time tidying up their home. This home care kit comes with a fully stocked cleaning apron, microfiber cloths, a luxurious ostrich-down feather duster, eco-friendly all-purpose and glass cleaners, a scraper, broom, tile brush, and much, much more. This kit has everything you need to handle any home cleaning needs. Perfect for the new homeowner this season.

Mop Slippers

Cute and functional, your clean freak can dust while walking! The microfiber slippers are like wearing a couple of dust-attracting Swiffers on your feet. They pick up hairs and dust and particles, allowing wearers to multitask cleaning by simply wandering from room to room. Pop them into the washing machine and the slippers are ready for another lap around the home.


Microfiber Doormat

Do your clean freak a favor and drop this right inside their front door to keep their home dirt-free. The doormat absorbs water and dirt from muddy dog paws and boots to keep floors cleaner, longer. A non-skid latex backing keeps the doormat in place and keeps the floor dry underneath. Whenever it needs cleaning, just toss it in the washing machine!



Premium rubber gloves

These Waterblock gloves have a tailored fit with grips along the fingers and palms, and feel medium-thick. Lined with soft flocked cotton, they are easy to pull on and off. The cuff is what gives these gloves the name Waterblock, blocking any splashback from getting past the edge and into your glove. These are a must-have and stylish accessory for anyone obsessed with cleaning.


PhoneSoap Smartphone UV Sanitizer


A new study revealed something no one really wants to know— that your cellphone is seven times dirtier than your toilet. Gross! And while you can’t wash your phone, you can sanitize it with PhoneSoap, which uses UV rays to neutralize the bacteria that other phone cleaners can’t kill.


Cyber Clean Tech Putty

While we’re on the topic of screens and computers, do you know anyone who has lunch over their laptop keyboard? The average keyboard is dirtier than a public toilet. (Again, gross!) Rid your equipment of germs with Cyber Clean. Food crumbs, spilled drinks, and dust settle into the small crevices of everyday objects and electronic equipment, forming an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Simply press it on, and the dirt is gone!


Wine Away Stain Remover

Does your clean freak enjoy an occasional glass of wine? Wine Away gets wine stains out, and more. It’s also effective on coffee, fruit punch, ink, blood, pet accidents, and sport drink stains. You can use it on carpet, clothing, and linens. It works on fresh and dried stains. If for some reason you stop spilling wine, it also works to clean and degrease countertops!


Maid service for a year

If you really want to treat the clean freak in your life, give them a whole year of cleaning with maid service for a year. It might be a bit extravagant but we’re betting it will make a thrilling gift. There will be no returns or re-gifting of this amazing present!  Your special someone will thank you all year long for giving them this amazing gift and allowing them to have more time to do the things they want to do, not the things they have to do.



Happy holidays! We hope you find something for your friends and family who are obsessed with cleaning on this list.