We would never advise giving someone a vacuum for Christmas. It might get you banished to the guest room or removed from next year’s gift exchange. But if it’s featured prominently on their wish list, you may be dealing with a clean freak who will welcome your acknowledgement of her need for clean. So here is our short list of unique, imaginative gifts — beyond the vacuum — for the clean freaks in your life, so wonderfully practical you might find yourself buying one for everyone on your gift list.

For the clean freak and the germaphobe in one, Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner offers this cleaner for your smart phone, called Phone Soap. Your cell phone is one of the three dirtiest things in your life along with your keys and your credit card, and Greiner packs this patented gadget with the ability to sanitize your phone in 10 minutes and to charge it at the same time. We love efficiency!

Your clean freak will enjoy cleaning dust bunnies even more than usual with these colorful slipper dusters, sure to bring a smile every time she looks down! Feet stay cozy warm in the terry slippers, and the floors are dusted streak-free, using the microfiber mop bottoms just by moving around the house. We recommend pumping up the Christmas music and dancing to make quick work of dirty floors! Available at Amazon.


A small price tag (~$30) for big clean results with this pressurized steam cleaner. Power off germs on the kids’ toys, the grime on the shower door, the wrinkles in dress shirts and lots more with this heavenly handy clean gift from Pure. Available at Amazon.


Who doesn’t like to save time when they clean, even people who like to clean! Gift them the classic book on cleaning better in less time from cleaning guru, Jeff Campbell. Book number 1 is Speed Cleaning but gift them all 5 of Jeff’s books for a complete set and enough clean-happy reading material to last til next Christmas! All 5 books available in e-format at Speed Cleaning. Hard copies available at Speed Cleaning or used book sellers online.


 Invented to clean the floors at hair salons, this touchless vacuum doesn’t move but it will suck up the crumbs, pet hair, dust and dirt that are pushed within its reach, grabbing the attention of your pets and small children! The Eye Vac is always on the job at keeping your floors clean. Offers dual HEPA filtration so you get cleaner air too. Available at EyeVac.com.


For impressive all-in-one gifts, fully indulging your clean freak’s obsession, consider a Speed Cleaning cleaning kit, offering a range of high-quality essential cleaning tools and products from the starter kit to the total home care to the deluxe for a gift that gives every time she cleans. Spare yourself the DIY gift basket and leave it to the those who know what cleaners want! Available at SpeedCleaning.com.


Give the gift of more free time to spend with a good friend like you with a gift card for maid service! Your clean friend might like it so much, she’ll schedule regular service. And you’ll be responsible for a beautiful ongoing relationship! Available locally at Buckets & Bows Maid Service and other maid services around the country.

Wishing you and everyone in your life a beautiful holiday. Merry Clean Christmas!