The Danes are known for being the happiest people in the world in spite of their long, dark Scandinavian winters. And now we might know why. It’s hygge!

And hygge is huge right now. Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ and used as a noun, verb or adjective, hygge is showing up everywhere  — in newspapers, magazines and bookstores, on the TV talk shows and the broadcast news — as we all look for the keys to a happier life and personal well being.

There is no perfect English translation for hygge. Coziness comes closest. But hygge is also about ease, contentedness, togetherness, gratitude, relaxation, intimacy. Hygge is creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the everyday things in life with good people. It’s a warm glow; candles and fireplaces are very hygge. It’s comfort: woolly socks and fluffy blankets. It’s taking pleasure in simple rituals: curling up with a book or sitting around the table talking. Knitting. Hot tubs. Chunky sweaters. A cat. A cup of tea. Your friends. All hygge.

They say you know hygge when you feel it. It’s the warm feeling you get inside when nothing much in particular is happening but everything is right in your world. And according to hygge experts, we can “create” these moments and not just leave them to chance. So embrace your inner Dane and hygge this winter!

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