Being home for the holidays might mean everyone is coming to your house. If family and friends are soon to arrive, here are your go-to quick tips for getting ready for holiday guests.

Take a walk…through your house, that is. Determine what work needs to be done based on what your guests will see and need to use.

Gather the family. It’s all hands on deck. Create a work plan with specific jobs to be completed. Assign a family member per room or per chore. Even the youngest family members can help: emptying the trash, picking up toys.

Cheat with the laundry basket. Quickly gather up items that need clearing and stash the basket in a closet or an unused room. The basket will make it easier to put things away later, moving from room to room.

Deck the bathrooms. Swish some cleaner in the toilet. Use a hand towel to wipe down the sink. Ensure that there’s toilet paper, a clean hand towel and soap. Empty the trash. Light a scented candle for a welcoming glow and clean smell.

Clear your counters and table. This is where life happens for lots of families — mail, school papers, magazines and all sorts of personal stuff piled up or spread out. CLUTTER! Clear these spaces and your home immediately looks cleaner.

Put out the welcome mat. Make a great first impression. Sweep the front porch or steps. Light any outdoor holiday decorations. Designate some space in your entry way for coats and bags

Set the scene. Your guests will overlook any missed messes when they smell cookies baking (thanks to refrigerated cookie dough), see your Christmas tree (It’s up, right?) and hear the holiday music playing from your CD player or smart phone.

Check in. Remind yourself that your family and friends came to share the holiday with you, not your house. You are the best part of your home.