Before Hiring A Cleaning Service Make Sure You Ask These 7 Questions:

  1. How long have you been in business?   It’s cheap and easy to get into this business, but it takes skill and experience to stay in this business.  A minimum of two years is a great place to start, and ask for references that have used them for years not months.
  2. Do you perform criminal background checks?  It’s surprising how many companies don’t spend the time and money to run background checks.  When it comes to security there’s no excuse for cutting corners.
  3. Do you use sub-contractors? Make sure the service you hire is withholding all appropriate payroll taxes and paying their portion of the 941 taxes on the cleaning staff.  It’s the law.
  4. Are you insured and bonded? Every reputable service carries general liability insurance and bonding.
  5. Do you offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee? Make sure you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the work and they are unable to re-clean to your satisfaction.
  6. What if something is broken in my home? Make sure the service will take care of any mistakes or mishaps on the job without hesitation.
  7. Is there a quality control system in place? Ask how the service will insure quality and that quality does not decline over time.