Since its development as a clothing textile in Japan several decades ago to its further development in Sweden, Microfiber has become an important addition to many industries, including the cleaning industry. It’s pretty incredible stuff! So what is it about microfiber that makes it so different from, say, cotton?

Microfiber used in cleaning products (e.g. cloths, dusters, mops, etc.) is generally made from polyester and nylon. This extruded fiber is about half the thickness of a strand of silk, which is finer than a human hair. But for this application, cleaning products, the super-fine fibers are broken down into even finer strands. It’s possible to mechanically and chemically separate a fiber into strands that are 1/100th or less of a human hair. The result?

* These super-fine strands create an extremely soft cloth that can absorb up to eight times its weight in water and technically has more surface area than a standard cloth.

* The sharp, split fibers create crevices and fingers that grab and trap dirt and bacteria rather than push it along. You notice this “grabbing” characteristic when you hold a microfiber cloth, even with the smoothest of skin. Add to that the attraction of negatively charged dust particles to the positively charged microfiber (it’s a proton versus electron thing).

* In many situations, the dirt can be cleaned up without the use of chemicals – just water. Think “Green!”

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* Microfiber cleaning products can be hand or machine washed hundreds of times. Just be sure not to use fabric softener or bleach as that will compromise the split fibers.

Microfiber used in applications other than cleaning products can be made from rayon and acrylics in addition to polyester and nylon. However, the strands of fiber are not split but rather are woven into a fabric that’s extremely soft, smooth, durable, and wrinkle resistant which is great for textile applications such as clothing, bedding, and furniture coverings.

The EPA has provided a fact sheet for childcare institutions titled “What’s so great about microfiber?” which has additional information. You can find quality microfiber cleaning products to accomplish your household chores at May we suggest you check out our Microfiber Dusting and Cleaning Cloths and the Flexible Microfiber