Award Night Bucket & Bows Lewisville TX

Our Own Oscar Awards In Flower Mound

I know that Oscar Night is all the rave right now, so I had to share our own “Oscar” winners with everyone.  Hands down our Cleaning Techs are the most beautiful gals, inside and out.  Our award-winning staff enjoyed an “Oscar” themed event at Salerno’s Italian Restaurant in Flower Mound, Texas, on December 12, 2012 (12-12-12).  This was our 20th Annual Awards Banquet, and an extra special evening for our amazing staff.  The evening started with a limousine ride from the Buckets & Bows Maid Service office to the restaurant, for our three VIP employees:   Cleaning Tech of the Year Margarita, and 10+ year employees Olga and Kathy.  Back at the restaurant, the rest of us formed the “paparazzi” awaiting the VIP limo arrival.  We made two lines and then wildly snapped photos and shouting “hello’s” as they exited the limo.  Kathy was gorgeous in her mink, and everyone was dressed to the nines!  Guess Coming to the event| Lewisville TX

Since our Techs are the best in the world, each Buckets & Bows Maid Service received their annual certificate of achievement.  Our long-term employees received  their five-year watch, or three-year watch, or six year pearls, or seven+ year bracelets or pendants as well as cash awards!  And our FAMOUS Door Prize table once again, did not disappoint, tons of goodies went home with the luckiest door prize winners!

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Door Prize Table at the awards night

The Famous Door Prize Table Is Definitely A Favorite