RadioThis could be a record!   You know there’s a flu epidemic when I get 15 back-to-back radio interviews across the nation about cleaning office surfaces during flu season.

A recent study showed that when employees come to work sick, more than half the surfaces in the office will be contaminated by lunch time.  Yuk.  Simple interventions go a long way toward protecting yourself from those germ-infested surfaces.  Wash your hands frequently with warm, soapy water.  This is the best prevention and the easiest.  Keep hand-sanitizer on your desk and use it when you shake hands with guests or employees.  And be sure to strategically place those sanitizing wipes around the office for people to wipe down surfaces.  I like the Clorox Wipes or Lysol Spray.

Here are the radio stations I got to talk to this morning about cleaning:


WHAM Rochester, NY
0706AM ET

KFAB Omaha, NE
0713AM ET

WERC Birmingham, AL
0733AM ET

WSYR Syracuse, NY
0743AM ET

WSJK Champagne, IL
0808AM ET

WILM Wilmington, DE
0819AM ET

WREC Memphis, TN
0840AM ET

KCMO Kansas City, MO
0850AM ET

WRVA Richmond, VA
0900AM ET

WDRC Hartford, CT
0910AM ET

WILS Lansing, MI
0920AM ET

WGY Albany, NY
0930AM ET

WJBO Baton Rouge, LA
0940AM ET

KOGO San Diego, CA
0949AM ET

WCBM Baltimore, MD
1006AM ET

This was a record for me and evidence of this super hot topic!  People want to know what else they can do during flu season to avoid getting sick.  Here are some common surfaces in the office people don’t think to sanitize, but can be loaded with germs and bacteria during the flu season:

  1. Microwave door handles
  2. Refrigerator door handles
  3. Coffee pot handles
  4. Vending machine buttons
  5. Elevator buttons
  6. Desk phones
  7. Computer keyboard and mouse
  8. Drinking fountain buttons
  9. Toilet bowl handle
  10. Door knobs

The best prevention when coming into contact with contaminated surfaces is still old fashioned hand-washing,  Use warm soap water, wash for one minute, and repeat more often throughout the day.  When wiping down computer keyboards, the mouse, and the phones grab a container of Clorox Wipes to make the job easier and the effort more effective.Wipes |Cleaning Supplies| Lewisville TX