Even though spiders get props for having amazing web-building abilities, those cobwebs in your home are not so amazing. They make your home unsightly and they may indicate an infestation.

Whatever the reason, you need to remove cobwebs. But what are the best ways for cleaning cobwebs to ensure the spiders don’t return?

If you see cobwebs around your home, and you’re ready to sweep them away forever, follow these tips to keep your home cobweb-free.

Are Cobwebs and Spider Webs The Same?

While cobwebs and spider webs are similar, they’re not quite the same. Here are some differences.

Cobwebs are formed by spiders, but the spiders have left. The webs collect dust, dirt, and other debris and are no longer used by the spider. This is why, when you discover cobwebs, they appear dirty and loose, instead of elastic and tight as a new spider web.

Spider webs that look brand new should be just as concerning. They mean that a spider is nearby and actively using its web. Whether you notice cobwebs or spider webs, you should be on the lookout for spiders in your home.

How to Remove Cobwebs

Getting rid of spider webs is important because it keeps them out of the home. But what are the best ways to banish cobwebs from your home? Here are 8 tips for cleaning up those pesky cobwebs.

1. Check For Infestation

If you see cobwebs everywhere in your home, you probably don’t have a cleaning problem, but a spider problem. While most spiders are typically harmless, you don’t want them invading your space. Cleaning cobwebs, and then watching them reappear is a sure sign that spiders are lurking.

The best thing you can do is call a professional exterminator to check out your property. They’re trained and know what to look for when spotting an infestation.

2. Use A Vacuum

Vacuuming cobwebs is one of the best ways to eliminate them. If you have a vacuum that extends to corners in the ceiling and behind small places, use it to ensure you get cobwebs from every space.

Ideally, you should vacuum regularly and dust as well to prevent cobwebs from building up around your home. Regular may mean daily or weekly for you depending on how many people live in your home.

3. Spray

The best way to prevent cobwebs and spider webs is to limit their ability to get into your home. There are a variety of sprays you can use in your home to inhibit spiders from making your home theirs.

You can purchase these sprays or you can make your own using peppermint oil. Peppermint oil repels spiders and other insects, so you can spray it around the perimeter of your home both on the inside and outside.

4. Look Outside

Speaking of outside, cobwebs are just as likely to accumulate outside your home as inside. This is especially true if you have not cleaned your yard or tended to it for some time. If there are several cobwebs, it means they might have moved indoors.

Places to look for cobwebs are under decks, in log piles, and in high places of your home. Be careful sweeping them away if it is dark as you do not want to get injured. You can also use a hose or water pressure to take care of the cobwebs and eliminate dirt.

5. Dust and Sweep

As with vacuuming, dusting the cobwebs away is just as important. The dust builds up and it might be difficult to find the cobwebs. Dusting ensures that cobwebs don’t hang around and spiders don’t return to build more.

Just as with vacuuming, you should dedicate a regular dusting time, maybe several times a week if you have a large family.

If you don’t enjoy vacuuming or you don’t have an extension vacuum, sweeping your cobwebs

6. Pest Control

If you find that there are too many cobwebs, you can always call in pest control to deal with the problem. Pest control companies have specially designed treatments to eliminate spiders from your home. They can come into your home, assess your situation, and schedule a time to come and treat your home.

7. Seal Your Home

Spiders come into your home through any opening they can find. This includes windows and cracks in your home.

One way you can prevent spiders is by going through your home and finding cracks in windows, window sills, and other areas of your home. Sealing up these cracks can be the entrances that spiders and other bugs can use. If you’re not sure what kind of sealant you need, reach out to your local home improvement store.

8. Call A Professional

If you don’t like cleaning up after spiders and sorts, leave it to the professionals! Hiring a professional cleaner to do the dirty work for you may be especially important if you don’t have time to clean. This allows cobwebs to collect in various areas of your home.

Professional cleaners can clean these cobwebs for you. They may also find cobwebs in places that you might have overlooked.

Keep Out The Spiders For Good

When you remove cobwebs, your home looks much better and you reduce the chances of spiders staying in your home. By taking action to clean the cobwebs you can enjoy and healthier home with your family.

Do you need cleaning services to clean the cobwebs for you? Our team can help! Contact us today to get an instant quote.