Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Professional Cleaner

It is important to be well-informed anytime you are making a financial decision or thinking of signing up for a regular service. This is no different when hiring a personal service to help out around the house such as lawn care or a professional cleaner.

Combining the responsibility of independently hiring a worker plus the trust involved with allowing that individual to have access to your home is plenty reason enough to do your homework.

When hiring a maid through a professional cleaner, there are plenty of questions to ask to make sure that you are making a safe and informed decision.

Here are four key questions to ask before hiring our professional cleaning service.

What Are the Logistics of a Visit From a Professional Cleaner?

First off, fitting a cleaning service into your own schedule and determining base information is crucial. Remember to ask when services are available, and make sure it fits into your personal schedule. If you’re staying in more often or working from home, it may be more important than usual to know how long a cleaning will take.

Another key baseline piece of information is the rate of pay for the cleaning job. Depending on the size of the job, different houses could have different rates. Our professional cleaning service offers a quick and easy process to receive a quote.

What Type of Services Do You Offer?

There are plenty of different types of professional home cleaning services, offering a wide array of options. Our service offers three different major branches: an initial or deep cleaning, a recurring cleaning, and green cleaning.

What is the Reputation of Your Cleaning Service?

What others have had to say about a cleaning service after-the-fact speaks volumes about the quality. Combined with a 200% satisfaction guarantee, our cleaning service has a five-star, A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. Also, we have a 4.7-out-of-5 star rating from 97 total reviews on Google.

In the case of a satisfactory job, those who purchase a home cleaning service should be sure to ask or research about the tipping policy. If a maid does a good job, a little extra appreciation could go a long way (especially during the holiday season).

How Safe is Hiring a Professional Cleaner During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Your situation or comfort with allowing someone inside your home could have significantly changed during 2020. But what hasn’t changed is that mess around the house you need addressed and our cleaning service is guaranteed to safely assist.

In addition to altering their policies, they have a succinct set of steps for maids upon arrival to your home to ensure the safety of everyone.

Get Rid of that Mess Around the House!

Remember, a professional cleaner is there to make your life easier.

If you would like to have extra free time to focus on more important things and drop the hassle of cleaning with our cleaning service, contact us or request a quote today!