cleaning a living room

It’s been a while since you last had guests, and your living room shows it. The coffee table has excessive clutter. The pictures and mirrors all have a film of dust.

Most incriminating of all, when you turn on the ceiling fan, a little shower of dust falls to the floor. If that describes your living room, there’s no need to panic! Everybody experiences this at some point.

All you need are some tips for cleaning a living room fast and efficiently. Fortunately for you, that’s why we’re here.

In this article, we present nine home cleaning tips to give you a tidy living room. By following these tips, you’ll have a living room you can be proud of to show your house guests.

1. Start Cleaning a Living Room by Picking up Clutter

Living rooms get their name because they’re the place where the household lives. Unfortunately, “living” tends to bring lots of clutter. So, before you begin cleaning, pick up anything laying on the couches or floor that shouldn’t be there.

These things may include used blankets, kids’ toys, dirty dishes from a snack, etc. Fold the blankets and gather other items into a single location that’s out of the way. From there, you can get to work with the rest of your cleaning.

2. Flip Couch Cushions for a Clean Living Room Look

After hours of use for several days, couches start to look a little deflated. There are a few ways to solve this problem. If you have time, you can pick up each cushion and smack it around.

Doing this fluffs the cushion out and gives it a fuller look. However, you can bypass this step by simply flipping the cushions over. Make sure you do this for the back cushions as well.

This practice is a quick “cheat code” for having a fluffed-out-looking couch. It will hide any stains or imprints on the topside, as well.

3. Clearing Off the Coffee Table

The coffee table is often a gathering place for all kinds of clutter in most living rooms. Solve this problem by doing some quick organizing. Throw out old magazines you don’t need anymore.

Straighten out the current magazines you keep. You can even set them in patterns, such as a fan shape. If there’s a tray, use it to assemble miscellaneous items like remote controls and reading glasses.

Lastly, set out some attractive coasters for your guests. If you follow these measures, your coffee table will make the perfect setting for a pleasant conversation.

4. Cleaning Mirrors

Mirrors help enhance the room, making it look brighter and more vibrant when clean. When they’re dirty, though, mirrors reflect the grime and dust accumulation in a space.

Fortunately, there’s a quick fix. Wipe any mirrored surface with anti-streak cleaning formula. Remember to get any mirror-top tables as well!

It’s also helpful to wipe down your windows with this spray. Clean windows help make a room shine on a sunny day!

5. Change Your Dusting Methods

Many people use some form of dust spray for their living room cleaning. Instead, save yourself time by switching to a microfiber cloth. These soft materials pick up significant amounts of dust with a gentle wipe.

It’s in your best interest to use this cloth on all your hardtop furniture. However, if you’re trying to hurry, you can skip furniture that guests won’t see. Save table legs and mantel tops for when you have more time.

6. Add Some Aesthetic Touches

Little touches can go a long way to present a tidy living room atmosphere. Before your guests arrive, light some candles in the living room. This tactic has several advantages.

First, candles have charming scents that make people feel more at home. They also add an ambiance to the environment, regardless of when you light them. You can enhance this sensation by bundling your candles in groups of three.

Likewise, adding a few fresh flowers or wreaths can set your living room apart. Take some time to make those distinguishing touches if you can.

7. Using Natural Light

When having guests over for the day, try to utilize as much natural light in the living room as possible. Open your blinds and draw the curtains.

We also recommend you raise your blinds, especially on a sunny day.
Doing so makes the space look more open and inviting. It also has a pragmatic benefit. When you raise the blinds, nobody can see the dust between your slats.

8. Cleaning Pet Fur

Your pets are beloved members of the household. However, the fur they shed throughout the house is a little less loved. To prevent fur buildup, try to keep a lint roller near the furniture the pets use.

When you sit down to read or watch TV, spend a minute or two rolling the brush over the cushions. This precaution helps prevent fur from overwhelming the furniture.

Alternatively, some furniture allows you to use a vacuum attachment to get rid of fur. If you take this route, make sure the vacuum won’t treat your furniture too harshly. Also, be sure to run it over the furniture until you don’t see any fur remaining.

Follow these steps before receiving any guests. This way, you can avoid the embarrassment of apologizing for the fur coating their clothes when they stand up.

9. Using Homemade Cleaners

Many people don’t realize that they can use homemade cleaners for their house as well. These products are straightforward to make and just as effective as their brand-name counterparts.

You most likely have the necessary ingredients at home. Search the Internet to learn how to make homemade cleaning products!

Consider Hiring Professionals

For many people, cleaning a living room may only take an hour or two. If you use these tips, you can accelerate the process and make a welcoming living room display.

However, can you do the same for the rest of your house? If not, don’t worry! Instead, call our professional cleaning services.

We offer top-notch cleaning services for every home we enter. Contact us today to receive an instant online quote.