Did you know that research proves that people who spend money to save time typically feel happier and more content in life?

This philosophy is something to consider if you’re tossing around the idea of hiring a cleaning company to clean your home.

Should you hire cleaning services or not?

Is it worthwhile to pay someone to clean your home when you could do the work yourself?

Is hiring a cleaning service financially worthwhile?

Here is a guide to help you determine the answers to these questions.

The Value and Benefits of a Clean House

To determine if hiring a house cleaner is financially wise, you might want to begin by learning the value and benefits of a clean house. Living in a clean house offers more benefits than you might think, and here are some:

It Might Improve Your Self-Esteem

Imagine if you could come home every night from work to a clean house. Would you feel better about yourself and your life? Having a clean home is a great way to improve your self-esteem, confidence, and contentment.

It Is Healthier

A clean house also offers a safer environment. A clean house has lower levels of mold, toxins, and dust. A clean house also wards off pests, which also keeps a house healthier for a family.

House cleaners can use a variety of cleaning supplies when performing their duties, and many will kill bacteria and viruses that otherwise stick to surfaces.

You Can Avoid Embarrassment When People Drop In

If you have a clean house, you’ll also be able to avoid embarrassment when people stop by to visit or drop things off. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed when this happens, you won’t have to worry about that happening again.

It Reduces Stress Levels

Additionally, a clean house helps reduce stress levels. If you continuously look for time to clean because you can’t stand a messy or dirty home, you’ll find a lot of relief from this stress by hiring house cleaners to do the work for you.

Your House Is Safer

Finally, your house will be safer to live in if it’s clean. You won’t trip over things or have allergens or pests in the home. Living in a safer house keeps you healthier and helps prevent injuries and illnesses.

As a result of these benefits, it makes sense to hire a company to take over your cleaning duties.

The Value of Your Time

The second thing to consider is how much is your time worth? Cleaning takes time, effort, and manpower. If you value your time, does it make sense to spend your free time working around your home?

Hiring a cleaning service is a smart move when you value your time. If you are not sure how to determine how much your time is worth, research it and come up with an answer.

When you find the answer, you’ll likely see that it is wiser to hire someone to do it instead of using all your free time to do it yourself.

The Tradeoffs You Make

The next thing to consider is the tradeoffs you make when you clean your home yourself versus hiring a cleaning lady to take over the duties.

If you have to spend an hour a day to keep up with the work your house needs, this takes one hour a day from your life that you could spend doing other things.

For people who work full-time, they may have only a few hours each night of free time. How do you want to spend this time? Do you want to slave over your house-cleaning projects, or would you rather spend time doing things you like.

Hiring a cleaning company is smart because it allows you to trade your money for your time. If you have more time, you could use it in ways you enjoy. Here are some ideas of how you could use your time if you hired this out:

  • You could spend more time with your spouse
  • You could spend more time with your kids
  • You could start a hobby or take part in hobbies you already have
  • You could donate your time to help others
  • You could work more to make more money

No matter how you look at it, having more time to spend on the things you enjoy is always a better option than spending your time cleaning your house.

The Flexibility to Hire Cleaning Services

The final thing to consider is the flexibility you have when hiring a house cleaner. You can choose the following things:

The Tasks They Complete

A cleaning crew won’t come to your house and start cleaning until you tell them what you want them to clean. Some people prefer them to clean their entire homes, while others prefer having them clean only specific parts.

You get to choose what they do when they come.

The Frequency of the Cleanings

Secondly, you can choose the frequency of the cleanings. Do you want them to come weekly or bi-weekly, or would you prefer them to come monthly or every other month?

Some people even hire cleaners only a few times a year to handle deep-cleaning tasks, such as cleaning the windows.

The Types of Products They Use

You also get to choose the products they use to clean your house. If you prefer all natural products, they will use this type only. If you want other products, tell them what you prefer.

If you’re still not sure if it makes financial sense to hire a cleaning company, you could try it once to see what you think.

Learn More About Your Options

To hire cleaning services or not – this is a question you can likely answer now.

Having a clean house without having to do the work is beneficial and helpful, and it makes sense for many people.

If you live in the Denton County area and would like to learn more about our cleaning services, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you today!