Getting the Most our of a One-Time Cleaning

A one-time cleaning means you’ve hired a cleaning service to come and clean your house one time, not for regular, recurring service. Why would someone want a one-time cleaning and not ongoing service?

Popular reasons for a one-time cleaning

  • Move in or move out
  • Prepping for a party
  • Cleaning up after a party
  • Getting ready for the holidays
  • Cleaning up after a holiday
  • Spring cleaning

One-time cleanings can take many hours and are more expensive than regular, recurring cleanings. Spend your time and money wisely by following our five steps to getting the most out of your one-time cleaning.

5 steps to get the most out of your one-time cleaning

  1. Research. Call at least two cleaning companies to ask what’s included in their one-time cleaning and get price estimates. Comparison shop!
  2. Set expectations. Be specific with the cleaning companies you call about the work you need done. The company may have a standard one-time offer and they may not be willing to customize the offer to do the job you need.
  3. Declutter. Less stuff to clean means less time cleaning. Get rid of mail and magazines from the kitchen countertops. Reduce your number of knickknacks.
  4. Tidy up. Just a little bit of tidying up makes your home faster to clean, so put away clothes and pick up kids’ toys.
  5. Inspect. Do a walkthrough with the cleaner when they’re finished cleaning, if possible. Professional cleaners prefer to immediately take care of anything they missed and leave you a happy customer rather than come back later to reclean or to hear that you’re unhappy by way of a public complaint.

One-time cleanings are perfect for getting your home in tip-top shape, once a year or in preparation for a holiday or event. One-time cleanings also make great gifts—bridal shower, baby shower, housewarming, or Mother’s Day—and many cleaning companies offer gift cards for sale. Then just follow our five steps to help you make the most of these special cleanings.