Do you ever feel like there are odors lingering around your home? At Buckets & Bows we understand how important a fresh smelling home is. So, here are our best-kept secrets on getting rid of those pesky odors around your home.

    • Stale refrigerator smell

If opening your fridge takes the edge off your appetite, stick an open box of baking soda in the back on one of the shelves to trap odors. You can put a box in your freezer, too, if it’s smelly. If the baking soda isn’t quite doing it, put some activated charcoal in your refrigerator. You can find it at home and bath stores.

    • Smelly garbage disposals

To get rid of the smelliness, try pouring white vinegar down the disposal while it’s running, or freeze the vinegar into ice cubes and let the disposal chop them up. Another option would be to pour oxygen bleach down the disposal.

    • The stinky garbage can

If the odor remains after you put a fresh bag in, you probably need to scrub the can, inside and out, with a disinfectant cleaner. For a more natural clean, you can use an eco-friendly cleaner, and then get rid of the smell by spraying the garbage can with white vinegar, let it sit for a few minutes to soak up the odor, and then wipe it clean.

    • Funky coffee pot

Periodically run a full pot of one part white vinegar and two parts water through your coffee maker. This should do the trick, but you want to make sure to run a pot of water through the maker without any coffee first, otherwise you’re going to get a vinegar-infused cup o’ Joe!

    • Cigarette smoke

One trick is to sprinkle baking soda over the affected area, and let it sit for a couple hours. It’s important to give the powder enough time to soak up the smell.