Trash CanAccording to one study, 93% of us buy food we will never use.  Studies have shown that the average family of four wastes over $2,000 a year in uneaten groceries.  That’s nearly enough for a year of maid service!  If you stop wasting money on groceries you are throwing away, you could treat yourself to bi-weekly maid service with the savings.  Now that’s motivating.

Most people are not thrilled with  how much food their family wastes.   We don’t do it on purpose, but it still happens.   We have good intentions so we buy apples and bananas, and broccoli, and chicken, and……….Too much of what we buy ends up in the garbage.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve thawed out chicken or a steak and then a friend calls to go out for dinner, so we drop everything and go.   Or we’re just too tired to cook and we go out to eat.  Veggies go bad because we snacked on crackers and cheese instead of celery and carrots.  This unintentional waste is expensive and it makes us feel guilty.   There have been studies about America’s food waste, including one at the University of Arizona called the Garbage Project that tracked home food waste for three decades.  In the study, Mr. Bloom estimates that approximately  25 percent of the food we bring into our homes is wasted.   For a family of four that spends $175 a week on groceries, that’s $40 or more, worth of food each week that’s wasted–a whopping $2,275 a year!

So, enjoy this article and you may discover extra funds for hiring a cleaning service, and of course we can recommend a great one.

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