78% of parents constantly worry about exposing their children to pathogens. If that statistic applies to you, what can you do for a fresh start before the new school year? A new school year house cleaning can signify seasonal renewal. It can also provide peace of mind for everyone at home — including kids themselves, as they mentally ready themselves to take on their new classes. However, the prospect can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, there are plenty of back-to-school cleaning tips that parents can utilize for an effective blank slate.

Deep-Clean Backpacks

One of our first school year cleaning tips is deep cleaning your kids’ backpacks. That is, unless they’re getting new ones. But if not, it’s best to disinfect it and remove as many unwanted stains as possible.

First, of course, you should empty it. Plenty of kids will have some residue and dust at the bottom of their backpacks, impeding your prospective deep clean.

Then, disassemble the backpack, removing any detachable straps, accessories, and more. Soak the bag and its parts in a stain-removing solution if there are any severe stains. Afterward, throw it in the washing machine or handwash it if it’s not machine washable.

Teach Kids New Cleaning Responsibilities

Your kids might not like this one, but it’s not like most parents love cleaning either. But it’s a great idea to encourage your kids to take on more cleaning responsibilities. Not only will it make your house cleaner faster, but it’ll teach them to take responsibility for both themselves and the rest of their family.

Even young children can at least wipe tables down after dinner and tidy up common areas. Older children can do the dishes, vacuum, mop, and do their laundry — if not the entire family’s.

Clean and Disinfect Lunch Bags

Similarly to backpacks, cleaning and disinfecting your kids’ lunch bags is essential. Lunch bags are even more prone to getting grimy and smelly due to their frequent contact with organic material. Even if your kids aren’t constantly spilling their food, food particle buildup can add up.

First, dump out all residue. Then, if you have any stubborn stains, use a paste made of baking soda and water and scrub the stains with it using a toothbrush. Wash out with soap and water, rinse, and dry.

Reorganize Desks

Even if your kid insists there’s a “method to the madness,” it’s essential that they reorganize their desks. If they use it often, things are bound to get shuffled around and misplaced. Although they might not love having to abide by kid cleaning tips, this one is best done by them.

Of course, you might have a better organizational system in mind. But they should put in the effort to declutter, clean, and reorganize their desks. Students should remove school supplies from the previous year, resupply themselves with new ones, and figure out filing systems, workstation arrangements, and more.

If they rely on their laptop, work them through organizing their digital workstations. Common platforms to do so include Google Drive and Notion, the latter of which are ultra-customizable for your kids’ burgeoning aesthetic sense.

Equip Kids With Laptop Cleaning Supplies

Education today looks very different than in your day. You’ll know that much from the time spent at their computer. But while they might not have stacks of notebooks and papers everywhere, their laptop can still get dirty.

Supply them with the right laptop cleaning supplies. A simple bleach won’t do. In fact, you could seriously damage your kids’ screens by offering them materials with the wrong chemicals.

A soft, microfiber cloth is best for wiping away dust. Then, get a dedicated screen cleaning solution, as others containing the wrong chemicals could damage screen filters. If your kid has a particular problem with cleanliness, you could even equip them with a screen protector and a stylish laptop cover.

Declutter Outgrown Clothes

Kids grow up fast. Not only that, but they’re fickle too. So their definition of outgrown might differ from yours.

Of course, you might have to stop them from throwing out too many perfectly well-fitting clothes if you don’t have a sizable back-to-school shopping budget. But either way, it’s an excellent habit for them to declutter their closets, even seasonally if possible. This way, you’ll clear up their closet space — not only for other new clothes but to store other items too.

Teach Good Mask Habits

Mask usage is common in most households, especially for those with immunocompromised residents and/or residents with respiratory illnesses. For that reason, your kids must learn good mask habits before the school year starts. Although they may have spent a ton of time indoors, they won’t be able to completely avoid close contact with others once they’re back at school.

Proper mask placement over the face includes covering the mouth and nose. They should also limit touching their mask and avoid pulling at its fabric when removing it. Your kids should also wash their hands after removing their masks and make it a habit to disinfect and wash their masks daily.

Back-to-School Cleaning Tips for a Focused Family

Sometimes, to get ready for a new school year, you have to get busy. But you’ll thank yourself after using these back-to-school cleaning tips since they’ll encourage your kids to focus better at school and sanitarily too.

At Buckets and Bows, we know that your home’s cleanliness directly impacts your family’s lives. While we suggest using all the tips above, we also recommend using our housekeeping services to reduce your parental stress. Get an instant online quote today if you’re interested!