I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a terrific lady who is both inspiring and courageous.  I met Stacey at Brickhouse Cardio Club in Flower Mound where we do Zumba every morning.  Stacey was about to have a radical mastectomy because she tested positive for the BRAC1 gene.  Since she battled ovarian cancer a couple of years ago, she knew she had to make the tough decision and have the surgery.  While recovering from the surgery her doctor discovered the ovarian cancer had returned.  Stacey had another surgery to remove the cancer and started another round of chemo-therapy and radiation last week.  She is a determined woman with an upbeat personality and warm and friendly smile.  We have become fast friends.  I’m was pleased to be able to sign her up for Cleaning For A Reason and lift her spirits with a spotlessly cleaned home!  Stacey is a beautiful lady inside and out and a blessing to me personally.  KTXD47 asked us to come onto The Broadcast last Thursday and talk about her journey and our cleaning.  What an honor to get to be interviewed by Suzie Humphreys, one of the bright stars on the morning program.