Are you attending Extreme Business Makeover 2013? You should be. The event will feature world class speakers, such as Terri Langhans.

Terri Langhans

I can’t remember when I wasn’t working in marketing or advertising. I’ve been on all sides of the proverbial desk…client, consultant and CEO. In fact, with 20-plus years I’ll admit to, I’ve worked for or with the government, education, healthcare, banking, software, vaporware, sales, retail, non-profits, manufacturing, services, small business and big business.

I’m the former CEO of a national ad agency and marketing firm that I started from scratch and sold to a publicly-traded Big Boy in the mid-1990′s. When you do all that, something happens. You either go completely nuts, or you learn a lot. Sometimes the hard way. In my case, it was the latter.

And that’s what I bring to my presentations. Creative ideas, useable information and tangible tools that work in the real world. Right away. I care more about results than rhetoric.

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